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>> these guys are -- i get all choked up when i think about them. there's so many of them and we are trying to help as many as we can because they have given so much for us. >> after the run the lieutenant dan band hit the stage. >> when i listen to you, you speak so passionately and intensely about the soldiers and about the first responders. >> it's a privilege to be able to support these folks. that's why i say playing lieutenant dan was no coincidence. lieutenant dan talks about his destiny and what he was destined to do i think it was my destiny to support our men and women. >> fox weather alert now. right now we are watching a powerful storm system out west moving east and could eventually complicate holiday travel for
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millions of americans. i am harris falkner. for the next 48-hours highly active weather pattern will bring fresh snow to another region. the threat of twists in some states. the weather center is here to tell us which region of the country we will face. >> we are tracking two storm systems one system out west and another one is across portions of the southeast and eventually it will move forth ward. the one southeast areas of light rain across parts of tennessee and western parts of carolinas into the northern portions of florida. areas in the northeast have temperatures holding up in some of the precipitation come in the form of snow in a nice light coding of 1-3 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow. good news for interior portions of the northeast. as we head westbound this storm
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system has been producing a lot of heavy snow across the see aer raws and wauring t washington a gone. good news for skiers but not good news for anybody trying to do any traveling here. you start to see the system heading eastbound and you guys out west will begin to clear out. we head into system by tomorrow. western colorado utah the state of new mexico and also arizona. as we head through christmas eve and christmas day the storm will ramp up move into portions of the planes and produce 6 inches of snow in a place where you have white christmas texas panhandle arkansas, missouri we have a winter storm watch already issued across the state of oklahoma and you are likely to see those issued out across arkansas and missouri and
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significant snow accumulation 6 inches forecast for some of you. on the southern end of the storm system where temperatures are too warm to see snow we have severe weather possible tomorrow large hail damaging wind gusts and even tornadoes will be possible in parts of louisiana. as we head into christmas eve and christmas day it will impact the portions of the east coast. >> the blue on the map will increase it down. >> as we heard travel in the coming days could be challenging for you. they are expected to be on the move over christmas. nearly 9 out of ten people will be on the road. a blast of winter weather in the midwest last week that caused flight delays and even cancellations. with the threat of new storms
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travel on the ground or in the air would cost precious time and cash if you get on an extra long layover. david miller live in laguardia airport. we start there tonight because this past week that airport saw some of the grates delays in the country. >> that's right harris. what a difference a few days can make. this was positively an uneventful day at least when it comes to travel. that's the way many people like it. let's keep in mind this hole sdooin more than 5 and a half million people are going to travel and for today at least things did go smoothly. take a look over my shoulder you can see at one of the security checkpoints only a handful of people are in line. it can be brutal but today very few delays and cancellations not just here in laguardia but system wide as well. as for the passengers they were prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. >> i just got here.
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so far so good checking in my bag now going through with a big luggage will. seems like it will be a battle. >> you have a lot of things here looks like. >> yeah, all of the kids. everybody wants to be something new york. all of these good goodies. we have new york. >> packed a lot of food just in case. we are traveling four girls. busy checking the bags outside going through dallas three hours there we are not going to get to cabot for 12-hours. 12-hour day for us. a word of caution as we just heard the weather can change for the next few days unfortunately we know there will be a great deal more difficult to return home to the holiday dinner. >> if you get delayed coming
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back. t look at the roads this year. >> that's right. when we talk about the roads there's one crucial component that comes to mind. that is the price of gasoline. the average price of gas is $3.30. that is down roughly $0.60 from september. >> that is a high for the year. aaa says the price of gasoline is not expected to make a significant impact on the number of travel letterings. there will be 84 million people on the roads that is the most popular form of travel this hole sdooin. one of the things to keep in mind we look at these statistics. they will be the busiest at least in the last six years. david lee miller speaki.
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speaking out on the fiscal cliff. at this moment the negotiations appear to be on a stand still they keep all of this on christmas break. serious questions on whether compromise can be reached at all. you should know by now no deal would meet a crippling addition of tax hikes and spending cuts that could plunge our economy back. steve at this point what are the chances that a grand bargain can still be struck? >> it is possible it is getting less likely. there isn't a lot of time left. house speaker john boehner will be back but for now he's throwing the ball in the democrat's court. some republicans are saying the president isn't trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> when i listen to the president i think he's eager to go over for a political purposes. he gets all of this additional tax revenue for programs he gets to cut the military canwhich
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democrats have been calling for for years. he gets to blame republicans for it. >> independent senator joe leiber than is saying it is appearing more likely the deadline will pass with no action. harris? >> how soon can we expect negotiations to get back underway? >> wednesday at the earliest possibly friday. one of his democratic allies today that position should come as no surprise to any one. >> i know it's hard for the republicans. 2.50 no tax increases for people below but taxes for people above. 60 percent of the voters will be there for the exit polls. >> nothing is done by year's end taxes will go up for everyone. >> steve sen acentanni thank yoy
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much. >> he has been hospitalized from before thanksgiving with a lingering cough with a bout of bronchitis. he is recovering but must build up strength before he can go home. he has been under going therapy to build up his energy. >> doctors are not sure if he will be able to go home for christmas. right now a new warning north korea can deliver the world's most destructive weapon further than ever imaged. all of the way we are being told to the u.s. mainland. it was a test for north korea. south korea asking what if the next one is not actually a test, where would it land? did you know there has been a change to america's deportation policy and it is not without controversy. what it could mean for the future of immigration in this
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>> a new warning about north korea's missile program. south korea saying the north new missiles can reach the u.s. mainland. it comes from evidence they say they recovered after north korean banned missile test earlier this month. they say they are not sure if north korea has mastered re-entry technology which would be necessary for any intercontinental ballistic missile to hit a national target. south korean officials also say they found evidence to launch a test to technology. not for peaceful space launch purposes as the north claimed. president obama and first family tonight on vacation in hawaii they attended a memorial service for the late senator today. services were held at honolulu's
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national cemetery in the pass snowfall -- pacific. japanese american 442nd combat team of which he was a part. he died monday at the age of 88. ed henry joins us from honolulu. didn't he have a personal connection? >> he did. from hawaii different generations. the president remembers that as a child he looked up to the senator in the senate on the watergate committee doing his public service more than 50 years of service. it started on the battle peelfin wo world war ii. he lost his arm in the battle. he was wounded one hill away in italy from where former senator bob dole was also wounded.
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harry reid was in hawaii talked about how hie motionnal bob dol got when he saw senator inouye's casket in the rotunda. >> he wasn't just satisfied to be there he wanted up on the platform so he could reach his friend of 60 years dan inouye. it was a little struggle but he got up there and soldier to soldier with his left hand he sal lawsuit-- saluted his soldi friend of 60 years. >> now i want to make clear senator inouye was the recipient of the medal of honor. today i said he was awarded the medal of honor. big difference. he earned it. he was a recipient. i understand ball bouka and dakota meyers who were both recipients were told i said that. i want to clarify senator inouye all three of the men received
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the honor. great, great honor. >> you have cleared it up for us. y we will hear the flip side of this and talk about what was going on in the mainland. >> the president is on vacation obviously. is he doing other work that might bring him back to bring us back from the fiscal cliff. might we see him before the new year? >> i think it is almost a -- it is very likely the president will interrupt the vacation. it is around the session in december. he is unlikely to stay here in hawaii. in the meantime trying to get in family time. it is that vacation will be interrupted. >> hopefully with downtime you
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have time to hike diamond head in my honor. enjoy. >> it is great. beautiful. >> merry christmas. >> a developing story from last night the marine now back on u.s. soil. he has been on a car driving home to florida coming into texas. now a health scare prompting a detour on that road home. he is hospitalized tonight. what we are learning about john ham ar's condition. >> another american goes free after a nightmarish ordeal. this missionary kidnapped while doing god's work. the family who thought they might not ever see again. >> stay with us.
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>> we have been following john hammar's story and he is the 27-year-old marine combat veteran back on u.s. soil finally this weekend after month in a mexican prison. in august hammar was thrown in a cell in a place run by drug cartel thugs. he was arrested after he crossed into the country with an antique shot gun that belonged to his great grandfather. he was on his way to costa rica wi for a surfing trip. law americas here working for his freedom. late friday night as you know we have been reporting on fox news he was released from jail with a police escort and reunited with his dad across the border in texas. the dtwo driving together in ey ma'am knee hoping to be home in time for christmas. he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. he has been fighting some kind
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of a stom mag bug but -- stomach bug. he had to go to the hospital emergency room in louisiana along the way. they are awaiting test results to see exactly what the problem is. we will bring you the latest developments as we learn more. the family of an american missionary in guatemala are counting their blessings tonight. she is safe serve ago mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints in guatemala city. she was kidnapped last week and held captive for two-days. kidnapers demeaning ransom. the fbi and local police rescuing her and another person we are told. her family's grief now turning to joy. >> don't really know what to doe. my ded was crying my mom was crying. didn't think i was going to be able to see her again.
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>> wow she is alive. it's for christmas. >> she was kept in a house blindfolded with her hands tied. she wasn't harmed and tried to teach her captors religious lessons. she is planning to stay in guatemala for the remainder of her mission which raps up in may. there are big changes in immigration and cuts in deportation policy. the agency saying they will no longer support illegal immigrants who do not have serious criminal histories even if they have been stopped for small crimes for traffic violations. dominic is live at the bureau. >> these changes come friday before the christmas holiday. >> they are trying to make it out of the news radar. but immigration forces now being told not to chase after any unlawful immigrant. only the serious ones with
7:24 pm
charges of center lines. they are saying they are worse than america's immigration problems. >> everybody agrees that serious felons need to be removed from the country. the message being sent is if you don't commit a serious felony if all you do is break immigration laws there will be no consequences. it is going to continue to drain the american payer's tax dollars and nothing is going to change. we are not going to have any enforcement. >> immigration and customs enforcement said this year saw record numbers of deportations 410,000 of them in all and over half of those people committed felonies or misdemeanors suggesting they are made a priority. >> tomorrdominic bottom line it us. what do these changes tell us about the obama administration policies at this point? >> the immigration is saying it's further indication the president isn't serious about
7:25 pm
immigration. in their defense they said the immigration law is broken. while pro immigration activists welcome the policy change claiming current legislation is too aggressive the american civil liberties union today say reforms still don't go far enough. reading this the reforms do nothing to address the basic constitutional problem that led to the needless unlawful detention of both u.s. citizens and nonu.s. citizens alike with racial profiling and policing and counting on county dimes. whether you disagree with the new york policy or not the white house needs to do an awful lot more work to get the immigration right. >> the fridays before christmas we will talk about it more in the news. a robbery caught on tape but the target is by no means random. this robber knew exactly what he was after and how to get it.
7:26 pm
also a young survivor of a mall shooting talking for the first time about coming face to face with a killer. and what she has to say about the gunman may surprise you. reliving the experience in her own words. plus, nooefrz get ol-- these ner get old. our heros welcomed. coming home american warriors merry christmas to the brave men and women who serve their nation and to the family. ♪ ♪
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>> i am harris falkner. this is the fox report. time now for the top of the news. the national rifle association doubling down on the opposition to any new gun laws in the wake of the newtown connecticut massacre. instead the organization take to go the sun kay talk shows to promote other options that it says will do more to address the gun violence problem. peter doocy with the story tonight from washington. peepter? >> -- peter? >> putting police and armed security is the one thing that
7:31 pm
will keep people safe according to national rifle association wayne lapiere you cannot legislate morality because he says legislation oent wornly wo the sane but doesn't cover criminals. he is leading the nra's effort armed guards in american schools are a good idea. said this morning it would be similar to the way the government protects air travelers from terrorists. >> there was intense debate that on airplanes guns have no place. yet we have a federal air marshall program that i helped to oversee in which it is provided a deterrent increased the safety of the airlines and it's not like test an armed camp when you go on the airlines. >> mark warner has an a rating but disagrees with their idea. instead thinks multiple steps must be taken to avoid mass murder.
7:32 pm
>> if my memory is correct there was an armed individual at columbine years ago. it didn't prevent that tragedy. i think when you use a comprehensive approach i think it looks at mental health looks at protecting our schools. it often looks at high volume magazines that can fire off so many rounds. >> the nra ceo says banning the high capacity magazines won't make any difference when it comes to making people safer. >> peter, thank you. now to the tragedy in newtown, connecticut a community mourning the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults murdered at sandy hook elementary school. at religious services church leaders received standing ovations from per rigs n parish. monsignor robert white who leads the parish in newtown reportedly said this has been the worst week of my life but also thanked the community for giving him
7:33 pm
strength to get through a week filled with funerals. the monsignor went on to say hearts will be broken again when that one special person didnisn there christmas morning but he urged newtown to celebrate christmas in the truest sense lie celebrating hope, healing and peace. we are hearing from the family of one of the youngest shooting victims ben wheeler was one of the 20 children who died. his father david has written a letter. we want to share some of that with you now. quote, so many people have told us they can't imagine or comprehend what we've been through or where we are. david goes on to write, what do we want? for you to hug each other and your children deeply, often, and to pause, take a breath, allow the warmth of the season into your homes and hearts and know that it will be all right. we will be all right.
7:34 pm
>> ben wheeler was born in queens new york and move to do newtown with his family a couple of years ago. his family says ben was a bright and spirited little boy who loved his teacher. >> newtown connecticut was not the only american town victimized by a rampage. on december 11th, '15-year-old christina was walking through a mall in oregon when she was shot in the chest. christina survived. two other victims did not. now christina is home for the holidays and talking about her near death experience. katelyn with fox affiliate kptv in portland has the story. >> home with family. >> surrounded by the arms of her family and on the mend for surviving the unthinkable she relives the moment she came face to face with the killer. >> i only saw him for an instance only to see whthat he s
7:35 pm
wearing black and a mask. i didn't realize it was a real gun i thought maybe it was prank. >> it wasn't until the first shots range out not only was the gun real but jacob edwards was heading in her direction. as bullets whizzed past her she hid behind a pillar along side her best friend. when she looked down she realized she had been shot in the chest. >> i did feel a huge amount of pressure and pain, but honestly it feels like -- you can't describe what it feels like. >> christina was rushed to the hospital where they removed bullet fragments from her lung and bruised liver. her father says it's nothing short of a miracle sthat she is even here. >> bigs present for us for christmas, she is alive. otherwise i am not sure what we would have done. >> the courageous teen who endured so much struggles with many questions about that day
7:36 pm
including why two other innocent people died. >> it is hard to think that why did they have to be the ones that passed away. they were just passing by like regular, all of the people. it shouldn't be that they have to be the ones that didn't get away. >> but when asked about the man who shot her, she harbors no hate. instead hoping to remind others just how precious life is. >> he might have had a hard life. i don't know what 'tis life was like or his reasons for doing what he did. so i can't exactly blame him. it only shows how prepared we have to be and how we have to cherish every moment. you never know when it can bes t the last. >> can you believe she is only 15? our thanks from katelyn buldof
7:37 pm
from kptv. >> 100 people on board the crown princess got sick. passengers and crew members came down with the anothnorah virus. it usually leaves victims miserable. some passengers credit the crew from containing the outbreak. >> we had the norah virus they confined us to our room for three-days. >> it was terrible. i thought i was dying. >> they were very good at taking care of us and took care of all of our needs. >> the ship run by princess cruises left venice italy for a 20 day cruise. >> a family trapped inside a burning home was the first stop on a trip across america. >> south dakota, firefighters say the home was already engulfed by the time they arrived at the scene just after 8:00 this morning.
7:38 pm
police say 3 children ages 16, 12 and 6 did not make it out alive. they were all found in one room on the second floor of the home. two adults managed to escape and are hospitalized. no word on what started the fire. florida, suburban orlando a business owner robbed a 30,000 dollars in broad daylight right outside of the store. and the whole thing caught on tape. it takes the suspect only 6 seconds to get out of his van and tackle the van. pulls a gun and fires a single shot into the air getting away with a backpack loaded with cash. they get away from the van abandoned a mile away. >> washington another fast thief. this guy targeting packages left on people's doors in suburban, seattle. one caught by surveillance famili cameras the homeowners >> that could be somebody's medication for all they know.
7:39 pm
>> experts say you should request all deliveries require signatures so valuables aren't left out in the open. >> colorado. in din den ver welcome home military officers holiday style. >> my parents love to do it every year. >> shocked, a little overwhelmed but it's a good feeling. >> most of these brave men and women will only be home for a few days but they sthais okay. >> it is a little overwhelming. get home back to my family. >> that's a fox watch across america. >> nature's fury on display a towering volcano spewing rock and ash into the sky and the people who live near this thing watching very cautiously. black friday usually the biggest shopping day of the year got holiday shopping off to a strong start this season. but now will retailers have a merry christmas? what we are learning about the holiday shopping season as it is shaping up. and the streets of manhattan
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still at it those people. do you think they feel guilty for shopping so close to the holidays? no. still have tomorrow, too. is yo♪ ♪ i don't need
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>> the syrian government taking aim at citize >> air strikes tore getted a bakery dozens of people killed women and children among them. many were lining up for bread at the time of the attack. such a toll confirms this the most deadliest since the civil war. activists say 30,000 people have been killed since the up rising in the government began in march of 2011. there's also word tonight rebels captured a military base in northern syria. they ceased weapons they hope
7:44 pm
will help them repel further attacks like government forces like they saw today. dangerous situation for people in chile tonight the town ordered a volcano is active. it started spewing ash and gas yesterday. seismic activity through out the region we are told. they are not ordering any evacuations but geologists are watching for possible signs of mud flow. another volcano in southern chili erupted last year forcing thousands of people to leave their homes and cancellation of hundreds of flights. 400 shops destroyed in a massive fire. it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan, that fire raging through a fabric market in kabul burning hundreds of shops and causing several million dollars in damage. no one hurt. one shop keeper says he thinks
7:45 pm
an electrical problem sparked it. greece, thousands of people turning out in athens to donate food, clothing and toys to families in need. the initiative called i care i share. it was organized by a local tv station to help those struggling wi to meet basic needs. the unemployment rate 26 percent. israel, christmas coming early to jerusalem. >> merry christmas for all the world and happiness and health and safety and peace. happy holidays. >> santa was walking through the old city urging christian residents to pick up christmas trees. during the holiday season it's still second in tourism to the west bank city of bethlehem where jesus was born. >> peru. dogs dressing up putting on the dogs and posing for a picture with saint nick.
7:46 pm
a new line of festive outfits for these four-legged friends. chihuahua's in custom gear all to make the holidays extra special. that's the trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i guess you could say it's christmas oeve eve and thousand packing the stores to get the gift they need. lingering worries of a weak economy many consumers are left saying bah hum bug. here is brenda butler. >> they are filling up the stores but not emptying out their wallets after a strong black friday the holiday shopping season may not have a strong finish. consumer confidence is at a five month low and shopper track chut the coforecast down to a 2.5 spending increase from the earlier expectations of a 3.3 rise. the holiday season is huge for
7:47 pm
retarryls make up about a third of annual sales and half a prophet for many chains. this final threat is especially key as many buyers wait to get the dooeps discounts. retailers are cutting big discount tips this final shopping weekend better late than never perhaps for those looking for deals. profits could suffer. almost any time you save 50 percent off they are looking for money. dc is the blame. the decreasing chance we may fall off the fiscal cliff has americans worried. 3 in 5 said that's the reason they are spending less. in another survey 1 in 4 shoppers say higher taxes mean smaller holiday budgets. a ho hum christmas may mean tough times for the economy but ef with one more shopping day until christmas. the retail industry and the economy may depend on whether record traffic transforms into real spending.
7:48 pm
back to you. >> how about this for a jobs program. law enforcement positions now going to ordinary citizens not those sworn in, just ordinary citizens. we will tell you where it is happening and how it's working out. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg, and more interior room than corolla and civic? and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeahthat would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra.
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>> in indiana a special tribute in the wake of a traffic event there. the community of richmond hill left devastated when a powerful explosion killed two people and
7:52 pm
damaged some 90 homes. we learned last week three people are facing murder charges for all of that. this weekend survivors came together and placed thousands of candles around the block where their homes once stood. >> what is it we can do? it was wracking my brain. >> luminaries lit at the same time and i can still stand here and smile. i can't explain it. >> they had to demolish some 33 of the damaged homes. prosecutors say the explosion was deliberately sparked by a homeowner trying to collect insurance money. police raised her and two alleged accomplices. their job is to protect and serve now ordinary citizens are being hired to replace police officers taking on certain rolls typically held by sworn in officers of the law. it is happening at apartments across the country including in denver. alicia aconneh has more.
7:53 pm
>> polithe denver police depart is joining several hoars around the country hiring civilians for jobs traditionally held by police officers evidence gathering and lab work. >> tax payer dollars to maximize the use of our officers. >> departments with heights can save a lot of money. if you have a detect tiff that is making 90,000 you can hire two people to fill that position. >> can civilians match the experience of a seasoned detective. >> some of it is done through colleges educational programs and that's a lot available. >> they match the criminal justice program in denver. she says highly trained civilians can take a lot to to the table.
7:54 pm
>> a police officer may have no training in that area. >> they are combining the years detectives have with civilians bring. >> if you have police officers still sworn officers in your crime lab they can put the puzzle pieces together. >> for chief white hiring civilians for positions that don't require a gun and badge just makes sense. >> i can tell you it will amount to ten's s of thousands of hour that will actually give police officers an opportunity to be out in those communities focusing on crime and the prevention of it. >> hiring the first 45 civilians will be the beginning. he envisions hiring 40 to 50 in the coming years. in denver, alicia akuna fox news. you have time on your hands. what are you going to do? grab a bucket and make your own
7:55 pm
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>> it's winter time and for a little experiment we will go to russia where they really know cold. in siberia taking a bucket of boiling water and throwing it from a 7th floor balcony. viola. the water freezes instantly in mid air leaving a snowy mist in its wake. yeah, they are making snow, people. also this video is cap pureed on this man's iphone and in second will he show us the temperature perhaps. his phone shows it to be minus 41 degrees. and while they are having a bit
7:59 pm
of fun with the cold there, there is news to report. the russian people have been dealing with a winter so brutal it is shattering cold weather records across the country. rooms are buried under feet of snow. in bosnia an unusual nod, 11 divers clad in rubber suits and santa hats going to an icy lake to decorate a christmas tree under water. it is more than just a festive stunt. really? their actual goal is to raise awareness about nature conservation. >> on this day in 1620 the pilgrims went to work making the first settlement in plymouth, massachusetts. they arrived on the may flower after two months at sea and weak looking for a good place to call home. some seeking religious freedom in the new world others looking to make some money. the first year was not

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